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CPD Activities

SAM 3114

Following are generally the CPD activities along with their definitions:


A review of a set of theoretical data related to certain health matters (areas) that would help in developing the general professional skills of the practitioner.

General Workshop:

A practical training in certain areas for the purpose of upgrading the general skills of health practitioners. The training would be conducted by a specialized trainer and/or a group of lecturers/ specialized trainers.

Specialized Workshop:

A specialized practical training in a specific area for a certain category (group) of practitioners in that area. The training would be conducted by a specialized trainer and/or a group of specialized trainers in that area. The aim of this training is to upgrade and develop the trainees’ skills in that area.


A group of lectures on a certain topic. That activity is organized by a committee which would invite a group of specialized lecturers to present it within certain period.


An open scientific meeting which calls for papers on topics related to the conference to be presented by specialized and professional experts. It is announced in advance and has an international nature (aspect) if foreign participants are involved in organizing or presenting, such as scientific associations, universities, or health organizations from outside the Kingdom. A committee would be formulated for reviewing the papers and nominating the presenters.


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