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General Directorate of Human Resources for Health: The CPDD is a part of the General Directorate of Human Resources for Health..

Health & Healthcare

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Vision & Mission

mod13The best possible health care of the community is directly related to the continuing comprehensive professional development

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CPD Activities

A review of a set of theoretical data related to certain health matters (areas) that would help in developing the general professional skills.

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التعليم والتعليم

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اقيم بالمركز دورة  تدريبية في اطار برنامج كارتر ضمن حقبة التعليم والتعلم استهدف بها عدد30 متدرب من منسوبي التطوير المهني بالولايات تستمر الدورة لمدة عشرة يوم 



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